Here we offer the audio from our latest sermons. We pray that you will be inspired and challenged, and that you will grow in your walk with the Lord. If you would like to learn more or share a prayer request, feel free to contact us.

What will happen when we die? Or what will happen when Jesus returns to take us to Heaven? What sort of body will we have? What will Heaven be like?
Sin separates us from God and from one another, but there is a way to restoration and peace. The Christian faith is not built on guilt, but on grace.
Why do we call the church "holy" and "catholic"? Why do we believe in the catholic church if we're Protestant? Who are the saints in the Apostles' Creed?
At Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit, but who or what is this Spirit? How could your life be changed by the Spirit today?
Because Jesus ascended into Heaven, we have a source of strength and joy. Because he will return, we have responsibilities to ourselves and our neighbors.
What happened between Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection? Why is belief that Jesus literally rose from the dead the most important part of Christianity?