Here we offer the audio from our latest sermons. We pray that you will be inspired and challenged, and that you will grow in your walk with the Lord. If you would like to learn more or share a prayer request, feel free to contact us.

Filled with the Spirit

October 27, 2019
The Holy Spirit lives in every Christian, but what does it look like to be filled with the Spirit? How can you tell if you are filled or not?

Maintaining the Unity

October 20, 2019
Every believer is part of the one body of Christ, but how can this be when there are so many differences between us? How can we maintain our unity?

The Vast Love of Christ

October 13, 2019
Paul prays for his readers to fully know the love which he admits is beyond our ability to know. How is this possible? How does God answer this prayer?
What if you didn't have to wait until you die to experience the blessings of Heaven? What if a taste of Heaven is as close as... your next breath?

The Potter and the Clay

September 22, 2019
Some sins may seem more difficult than others to overcome. Some situations may seem hopeless. But God doesn't want us to give up. So what should you do?

Heart Disease

September 15, 2019
What do Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff have to do with the prophet Jeremiah? And how do they highlight the need for healing in the human heart?