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Jesus came to deliver us from our sins, but what is sin? And what does it mean to be truly delivered? Why does it matter that Jesus was crucified?
Eve and Mary were different in a lot of ways, but they both showed love for their children, and they remind us that motherly love can be a powerful thing.
Why is it important to believe Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary? Why do we call him "Christ", "Son of God", and "Lord"? What do we believe about Jesus?
What do you believe? Could you explain your faith to someone who has questions? The 1st message in this series deals with our beliefs about God the Father.

The Mind of Christ

April 21, 2019
Jesus' resurrection impacts our lives in many ways. It should inspire you to be like Him and think like Him. But how can you understand the mind of Christ?

The Best News Ever

March 31, 2019
You may have wandered far from God, but when you turn to Him, He runs to embrace you and welcome you home. It's not good news: it's the BEST news!