“Lord, open our hearts and our minds by the power of your Holy Spirit, that as the Scriptures are read and your word is proclaimed, we may hear with joy what you say to us today. Amen.”

We pray that you will be inspired and challenged as you listen to the sermons below, and that you will grow in your walk with the Lord. If you would like to learn more or share a prayer request, feel free to contact us here.

The Potter and the Clay

September 22, 2019
Some sins may seem more difficult than others to overcome. Some situations may seem hopeless. But God doesn't want us to give up. So what should you do?

Heart Disease

September 15, 2019
What do Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff have to do with the prophet Jeremiah? And how do they highlight the need for healing in the human heart?

Why Are We Here?

September 8, 2019
Why would God turn his back on his own temple and allow his people to be defeated? What does the Lord expect when we call ourselves by his name?

Fountain of Living Waters

September 1, 2019
Our Heavenly Father is good to his children, but sometimes we forget or we wander away and put our trust in the wrong things. It's time to come back!

Answer the Call

August 25, 2019
How have you heard God's calling on your life? While Jeremiah's story is uniquely his own, God's words to Jeremiah are also important reminders for us.

Pack Your Umbrella

August 18, 2019
Having faith is not merely a state of being. It is a state of doing. Faith invites us to take action. What great things might God be leading you to…

Catch Me, Lord

August 11, 2019
Faith in God has nothing to do with wishful thinking, ignoring reality, or taking a blind leap into the unknown. So what is it, and what's it all about?

At Any Cost

August 4, 2019
It's not always easy to hear what Jesus says about money. Sometimes it's scary. But Jesus calls us to a better life - one marked by different priorities.

Teach Us to Pray

July 28, 2019
Prayer should be a priority, but do you struggle sometimes to know what to say or do? Jesus taught his disciples some basic principles to keep in mind.

Being the Good Samaritan

July 21, 2019
"What must I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus' answer is not "believe the right beliefs" or "do good things", but "be transformed by the love of God."

SPECIAL NOTE: In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we did not host in-person worship from March 15 through May 24, 2020. During that time, Pastor Kyle posted video messages and other content on our Facebook page. To learn more about what the church has been doing during this season, or to see all of our past video messages, check out our Covid-19 Response page.