“Lord, open our hearts and our minds by the power of your Holy Spirit, that as the Scriptures are read and your word is proclaimed, we may hear with joy what you say to us today. Amen.”

We pray that you will be inspired and challenged as you listen to the sermons below, and that you will grow in your walk with the Lord. If you would like to learn more or share a prayer request, feel free to contact us here.

Continuing the series on themes which run throughout the Bible and which serve as keys to unlocking deeper meanings within various passages. This week we look at the theme of…
Continuing the series on the key themes which run through scripture and which offer ways of unlocking deeper meanings within particular passages. This week we explore the theme of "Temple".
There are levels of meaning to any great story. And the Bible Story is certainly no exception!  Particular themes--which run throughout the whole of scripture--hold  the key to unlocking deeper…

Mark as Identity Mystery

August 30, 2020
The Gospel of Mark reads much like a great mystery novel: specifically, an identity mystery.  Jesus suddenly appears on the scene, performing extraordinary deeds and offering strange-sounding teachings. Who IS…

Jonah and the Call of Mercy

August 23, 2020
Jonah lived in Israel at a time of dread from the pending onslaught of the Assyrian army, commanded by its truly wicked leaders in the Assyrian capital. Understandably, when God calls…
In his final sermon at Melrose, Pastor Kyle talks about several things that make Christians different and offers encouragement for the road ahead.
The path of Jesus is very different from the ways of the world, and following Jesus can be costly. But Jesus assures us, it's worth it.
Jesus says, "the pure in heart... shall see God," but how can we have pure hearts when we continue to struggle with sin? What hope do we have?
God is merciful, and Jesus teaches that we as Christians should embody this. What does Jesus have in mind? What are some ways we can live it out?
What do you really want? Each of us has a God-given emptiness that we try to fill, but Jesus promises satisfaction to those who crave this one thing...

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